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Redefining Pathogen Detection

About Medio Labs

Medio Labs is a biotechnology company specializing in diagnostic technologies for the clinical laboratory. We are proud to introduce MedioSeq™, an innovative platform that revolutionizes DNA sequencing for CLIA / CAP laboratories that run molecular tests.

Our Offering

Our highly scalable next-generation sequencing platform, enabled by advanced multiplexing and purpose-built bioinformatics solutions, delivers multi-panel diagnostic results in just 2.5 hours of sequencing time. With MedioSeq, we aim to replace qPCR-based molecular methods in pathogen diagnostics, offering faster and more economical results for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Join us in shaping the future of diagnostic technologies. Get in touch with us today to learn more about Medio Labs, our groundbreaking MedioSeq platform and inquire about early-access to this exciting technology.

Overcome current lab challenges



Surmount limitations in scale

Current pathogen diagnostics performed by qPCR are limited by the number of panels, targets per panel and sample capacity. This naturally leads to lower throughput and high capital and operational expenditures.


Be pandemic ready

After witnessing explosive demand for testing services, MedioSeq enables scaling of dozens to thousands of samples (and back again) with a single FTE resource and no change in instrumentation or workflow.


Tackle adoption of NGS technology

Labor- and time-consuming workflows, limited software without reporting hamper your modernization effort. Convert your traditional qPCR panels into a single MedioSeq workflow and NGS run, complete with a specialized software.

Abstract Paint

Go beyond the known.

MedioSeq offers rapid implementation of pandemic-ready capabilities to health organizations around the world. Unlock expedited diagnostics followed by additional discovery and identification of value-added elements.

These additional elements include strain variants, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and genotyping all within the same DNA sequencing run, in contrast to the traditional yes / no limitations of qPCR.

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