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Scalability enabled by barcodes

Our proprietary molecular biochemistry and assay design allows for a multi-level molecular barcode, enabling scalable very high or low sample capacity single-runs. With the fastest-in-class diagnostic and a secondary target DNA-sequencing component in the same contiguous run, we provide accurate and efficient results for our clients.

Ensure accuracy through reference standards

Using natural and synthetically derived alternate targets, our NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) result alone can be a diagnostically definitive tool to rule in/out infection. We prioritize accuracy and reliability in our diagnostic services, ensuring that our clients receive the most accurate and conclusive results.

Purpose-built Sequencing Platform Software

At Medio Labs, we pride ourselves on utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions in the field of biotechnology. Sample identification and processing commence once sufficient diagnostic data is collected. This is in contrast to a traditional NGS approach, where a full sequencing run is completed before any analysis can start. This is a six-fold reduction in time needed for sequencing and analysis (2.5 hours versus 12 to 24 hours).

Tailored Molecular Biochemistry

Our proprietary molecular biochemistry and assay design enables super-scalable high or low sample capacity single-runs. With the fastest diagnostic results in the industry, we provide a comprehensive solution for ruling in/out infection.

Dedicated Bioinformatics Pipeline

Custom-designed and purpose-built bioinformatics pipeline processes the multi-level molecular barcodes and natural/synthetic targets to deliver a diagnostic call, with a comparable analysis time to qPCR.

In each sequencing run we identify approximately 100 base pairs of DNA sequence for every template (amplicon) of organism from each positive sample.

Follow up analysis of the full sequencing run is used to build a database of target DNA sequence data for further discovery.

Proprietary Bioinformatics Database

Additional Applications

MedioSeq is not limited to the development of human clinical diagnostics. Our platform is a universal targeted strategy to detect and characterize pathogens in many adjacent markets.

  1. Non-human low regulatory burden diagnostics, i.e., veterinary, agriculture, environmental 

  2. Pharma and drug development efficacy screening

  3. Research and Translational Medicine

Barriers to NGS removed by MedioSeq
  • Advances utility of NGS with patent pending protocols/algorithms, bioinformatics software and a comprehensive database

  • Drastically enhances throughput and reduces cost

  • Improves turnaround time significantly

  • Further enables diagnostic and screening utility

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